How to publish your blog on Kindle

Bloggers can now publish their blogs on Kindle — easy sign-up process here. And here’s the link to get via Kindle.

Can e-readers like Kindle save newspapers?

Several new e-reading devices are due in the next year, including ones from News Corporation, Hearst and Plastic Logic, and Amazon is about to announce a larger version of Kindle for reading newspapers, magazines and  textbooks, The New York Times reports.

Can Kindle save newspapers?

This post was submitted by Chris Delboni. I had been waiting for a long time for Kindle 2.0, just released last week. I was curious about the first edition of the digital book reader but wasn’t ready to buy it. This time, I couldn’t wait and had it shipped for next day delivery as […]

The New New-Media Lexicon Decoded

AdAge explains the true meaning of everything from Kindle to Tweets to Huffpo’. on Kindle

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