How Americans use web for community news

Americans are increasingly using internet tools to keep informed about what is happening in their communities, according to a new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

A bold experiment: Seattle takes first major metro paper online

Hearst is shutting the Seattle Post-Intelligencer down as a printed newspaper, with its last edition Tuesday, and becoming the first major media company to convert a metropolitan daily newspaper into an online only edition. Larry Kramer points out the upside of the Seattle paper’s end on The Daily Beast: “If Hearst is right, they will […] redesigns site has launched a redesigned site, with a more modern design and more emphasis on video and interactivity. You can read readers reactions here.

Guide to Hyper-Local News

MediaShift has a great guide to the various hyper-local news efforts online — from the independent startups to placeblogs to mainstream media efforts.

Topix to offer hyper-local news pages to online publishers

Topix is in talks with online news publishers about expanding the use of its hyper-local editing platform to create quick-fire news pages, reports.

A Nonprofit Approach To News

The following post was submitted by reader Bob Ingrassia: How can a local news organization make a big pile of money online? With MinnPost, Joel Kramer offers an interesting answer: don’t even try.

Finish publisher fuels newspapers with user content

A Finnish news publisher, Sanoma Digital, has launched a user-generated news website and solicits material that gets published in a a series of weekly free newspapers.

Hyperlocal Live Fire Maps: How to Do It?

Naples Daily News reporters no longer work for paper

Washington Post VP: Look to small sites for innovation