Video: Knight Ridder tried building tablet e-reader

Knight Ridder may be gone now, but it was ahead of the curve when, 16 years ago, Roger Fidler worked on a tablet e-reader and even built a prototype. Bryan Monroe, who used to work for Knight Ridder, wonders in this Huffington Post piece whether the newspaper industry would be in such dire straights had […]

Media Insiders Say Internet Hurts Journalism

The Atlantic: In a poll of prominent members of the national news media, nearly two-thirds say the Internet is hurting journalism more than it is helping. The poll, conducted by The Atlantic and National Journal, asked 43 media insiders whether, on balance, journalism has been helped more or hurt more by the rise of news […]

Why so many folks are applying to journalism schools

While many journalism jobs are disappearing, j-school applications are up. Why?

Google CEO to newspapers: Don’t ‘piss off’ your readers

Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s told newspaper editors at the Newspaper Association of America convention that they shouldn’t “piss off” their readers or else they won’t have any left.

Guardian newspaper to publish only via Twitter

The Guardian newspaper announced today that it will ceasing printing its newspaper and publish only via Twitter, the social media site that limits messages to 140 characters. “Experts say any story can be told in 140 characters,” the paper says.

Michael Wolff: Newspaper business is dead ‘right now’

Michael Wolff, longtime media watcher and founder of, tells  CBS News, “It’s the end of the newspaper business right now at this point in time.”

Printing The New York Times Costs Twice As Much As Sending Every Subscriber A Free Kindle

Nicholas Carson of Silicon Alley Insider did the math and determined that it costs the Times about twice as much money to print and deliver the newspaper over a year as it would cost to send each of its subscribers a brand new Amazon Kindle instead.

Why Newspapers Can’t Be Saved, but the News Can

Eric Etheridge on Is the apparent demise of the print media a “revolution”?

Sensors, Smart Content, and the Future of News – ReadWriteWeb

Nick Bilton from The New York Times R&D Labs discussed how NYT is preparing for the future of news delivery at ETech.

A bold experiment: Seattle takes first major metro paper online

Hearst is shutting the Seattle Post-Intelligencer down as a printed newspaper, with its last edition Tuesday, and becoming the first major media company to convert a metropolitan daily newspaper into an online only edition. Larry Kramer points out the upside of the Seattle paper’s end on The Daily Beast: “If Hearst is right, they will […]