Hearst Magazine Increased Web Traffic By 150% with SEO and Wordtracker

This post was submitted by Rachelle Money, who works with Wordtracker and writes for its newsletter. Since using the Wordtracker keyword research tool Dan Roberts says Hearst Publication’s online traffic has grown 150%. Hearst publishes 15 of the world’s most popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Oprah’s O Magazine, and Good Housekeeping as well as […]

Can SEO’s and Journalists Really Be Friends?

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes journalists groan if my experience of a busy newsroom in a national paper is anything to go by. Journalists will bristle at the idea of ‘stuffing keywords’ into their copy, while managers who often don’t understand SEO themselves rail about falling circulation figures and the need to get the extra […]

How the newspaper industry tried to invent the Web but failed

Jack Shafer writes a wonderful piece looking at how the newspaper industry has tried to adapt to and fight new technological developments ever since radio was invented.

Cable, Internet News Sources Growing in Popularity

Among daily news sources, only cable and Internet news have shown significant gains in popularity since 2006, while all other media are stable or declining, Gallup reports.

Seth Godin: Lessons from The New York Times’ mistakes

Seth Godin says The New York Times had a shot at “inventing the future” and blew it, and offers some lessons to be learned from its mistakes.

WSJ.com set to relaunch site

WSJ.com is set to relaunch on Tuesday, paidContent.org reports.

New York Times embraces semantic web

Michael Zimbalist, head of R&D at The New York Times, says the newspaper is looking at how to leverage the Semantic Web, especially to make its content device independent.

New York Times and I.H.T. Study Web Merger

The New York Times is looking at merging nytimes.com with iht.com, the Web site of the International Herald Tribune.

philly.com redesigns site

philly.com has launched a redesigned site, with a more modern design and more emphasis on video and interactivity. You can read readers reactions here.