Old growth media and the future of news

In a speech at the South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Steven Johnson says that “steady transformation from desert to jungle may be the single most important trend we should be looking at when we talk about the future of news.”

How the newspaper industry tried to invent the Web but failed

Jack Shafer writes a wonderful piece looking at how the newspaper industry has tried to adapt to and fight new technological developments ever since radio was invented.

Seth Godin: Lessons from The New York Times’ mistakes

Seth Godin says The New York Times had a shot at “inventing the future” and blew it, and offers some lessons to be learned from its mistakes.

New York Times and I.H.T. Study Web Merger

The New York Times is looking at merging nytimes.com with iht.com, the Web site of the International Herald Tribune.

Why Google should buy the Associated Press

Wired poses an interesting idea: What if AP re-organized as a cooperative, not of newspapers, but of online content providers such as Google and Yahoo!? The end of the story notes that the idea is unrealistic, but it’s intriguing. The story, btw, compares AP’s current business model as selling drugs to late-stage cancer patients. Ouch.

Differences between working at TV and newspaper websites

Liz Foreman has some interesting observations about the differences in working at a local TV station website as compared with a newspaper website.

Newspapers bet on online ads

The embattled newspaper business is betting heavily on Web advertising revenue to secure its survival, the American Journalism Review reports: “But that wager is hardly a sure thing.”