YouTube, PBS Ask Americans to “Video Your Vote”

YouTube has partnered with PBS to empower American voters to upload their Election Day voting experiences to YouTube.

Twitter Election2008 page

Twitter is filtering hundreds of Twitter updates per minute to create a new source for gathering public opinion about the election and a new way for Twitterers to share thoughts.

DailyMe posts VP debate tweets

DailyMe is running a live feed of twitter posts about the VP debate tonight.

Campaign Songs: Past and Present

From Can you match the song with the candidate who used it?

VP debate bingo is offering readers a downloadable “Fight Night Bingo” game.

WNYC launches ’30 Issues Wiki’

As part of a “30 ISSUES” election series, the Brian Lehrer Show is inviting listeners to collaborate on the segments by using a wiki site.

The best political convention coverage online

Mark Glaser says the increase in bloggers, Twitterers, podcasters and new media types has changed the dynamic of the press corps.

Journalists Twittering the conventions

Poynter’s Steve Myers has compiled a Twitter feed that combines “tweets” from many of the journalists Twittering the conventions.

Creating a ‘Primary Place’ for Citizens Online

How one public radio station used citizen media to improve its coverage of the 2008 presidential elections.

Semi-pro journalism gives alternative view of U.S. elections

PBS MediaShift looks at three team efforts of “semi-pro journalists” to cover the presidential election.