Bypass Google with Address Bar Searching

Steve Rubel says, “Several sites… are now looking to snatch their traffic back from Google by letting consumers easily execute searches from and curate content on the fly, all from the address bar. Three such sites include AOL’s newly relaunched, ESPN and IceRocket. The goal is to make it easy to search from the […]

11 reasons The Associated Press is fighting aggregation

From The Associated Press: “The Associated Press Board of Directors announced it would undertake an initiative to affirm the value of original news reporting and protect the news industry’s content from being misappropriated online. The initiative would find new ways to enhance consumers’ ability to find authoritative news coverage online. In addition, the AP Board […]

Top Searches on Twitter Search

Hitwise looked at the searches most often on Twitter for the week ending March 21, 2009: “Searches for the vampire series ‘twilight’ were the most popular for the week overall fueled by the US release of the DVD, followed by ‘redco’, and ‘parkersburg’.