A highly recommended social media guide

One of the better collection of social media links and tips online is this page from Columbia Journalism School professor and Dean of Student Affairs Sree Sreenivasan, who organized Social Media Weekend this week at Columbia University. The page includes everything from tipsheets to videos. And part of what makes it so useful is that he […]

First reports of Osama bin Laden’s death on Twitter

It looks like the first reports of Osama bin Laden’s death came not via online news sites or cable TV but via Twitter. Keith Urbahn, Donald Rumsfeld’s chief of staff, reported on Twitter at about 10:25 pm ET, “So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn.” A few […]

How to track the Royal Wedding online

TechCrunch has a great collection of ways to follow the Royal Wedding online, including the British Monarchy’s Facebook Page and official Twitter account, @clarencehouse, which will both be posting news and photos from the event. And for those of you who are already sick of it, here are some tips on how to avoid all the talk […]

Channel 4′s latest web project reinvents quotations for the Twitter age

Quotations are ubiquitous, from Facebook and Twitter to media coverage and watercooler chats. But the experience of finding a quotation online is often messy and reliant on amateurish sites that seem to rely on the same old quotes – and that’s the problem a new Channel 4 project is aiming to fix. By Jemima Kiss

How Americans use social media

Since 2006, blogging has dropped among teens and young adults while simultaneously rising among older adults, according to a new report on Social Media and Young Adults from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

The future of media: Mainstream press + social media

Tim Leberecht suggests that the real message behind the impact of Twitter on coverage of the uprising in Iran is not that Twitter or similar technologies are a replacement for mainstream media, but that their may be a way for them to evolve together in a way that helps define a new future news model.