140 Best Twitter Feeds: Do you agree?

TIME magazine has picked  the 140 Twitter feeds that it believes are most “shaping the conversation.”

Can Google, Social Media pick the Oscar winners?

Lots of sites and articles are popping up attempting to use Google searches or social media trends to predict the Oscar winners. But if the past is any guide, they will be no more right than your best guess or the flip of a coin.

Real-time tweets from Egypt, Libya, Bahrain on Google Maps mashup

Software developer Virender Ajmani created a Google Maps Mashup that plots recent tweets from Bahrain, Egypt, Libya and Iran in real-time. Check it out here.

Twitter Isn’t Journalism, Or Is It?

Twitter is a platform. And if journalism is an action, can Tweets represent acts of journalism?.

Turn your Twitter stream into a people parade

Twitter visualisations come in many forms, but IS Parade is arguably the most inventive yet. By Jemima Kiss

Who is using Twitter, and how

Interesting data  about the growth of Twitter and social media in this recent study from Edison Research and Arbitron.

How News Organizations Hope to Benefit from Facebook’s New Features

Facebook’s new tools have offered news organizations an opportunity to think more creatively about how they can use social media to meet their audiences’ needs.  Poynter talked with journalists at The Washington Post, ABC News, ESPN.com and other news outlets that have begun using Facebook’s new features to find out how the integration of these […]

Cartoon: Tweeting baseball player

Here is a great cartoon from the New Yorker featuring a tweeting baseball player…

Huffington Post launches ‘Twitter Editions’

The Huffington Post has launched new sections of its website called “HuffPost Twitter editions” that incorporate Twitter feeds and HuffPost stories in an effort to create a more “real-time” news experience on the site.

ABC’s This Week live tweets during broadcast

Starting today, ABC News is live-tweeting its This Week broadcast on Sunday mornings.