Video: Print media gets a lifeline

Popular blog hires some old media guys who’ve been laid off.

Viral video: The instant messenger song

Nick Thune’s hysterical instant messenger song:

Dance Party Friday!

This might just be the future of local news…

Slate V and Hilary’s Inner Tracy Flick

Slate V has been creating some innovative video lately. Check out this one for example.

Video: Newspaper video editing behind the scenes

Here is an interesting video about the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s video editing philosophy and procedures, courtesy of the Associated Press Photo Managers Association.

Video: Citizen Journalism at War

Broadcast Journalist David Heathfield’s report investigating the impact of citizen journalism on war.

Changing Media Landscape panel video

Six media leaders discuss the Changing Media Landscape at this special presentation at The Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, sponsored by the Hearst Foundation.

Behind the scenes of The New York Times’ integrated newsroom

Here’s an interesting video showing a behind-the-scenes look at The New York Times’ new integrated newsroom.