The 4 keys to success in online video

In a panel at SXSW titled “The Secret Path to Success in Online Video,” panelists said the four main keys are targeting niches, being consistent, marketing your content and building your brand. Not exactly top secret secrets, but good advice nonetheless.

In particular, the panelists urged video producers not to assume that an audience will find their work, but to very specifically target a niche that they are trying to serve. In terms of consistency, they said they felt it was important to deliver video on a regular schedule in order to build a loyal audience, even though the web is often viewed as an on-demand medium. They also urged producers to not just create individual shows, but to build their own brands.

And in terms of marketing your content, they said:

Creating a show doesn’t end when your video is edited and posted, said co-founder Dina Kaplan; marketing it is just as important. Luckily, marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Shows that have dedicated viewers can get their audience to do marketing for them.

Plott turns viewers into “evangelists” by attending live events and meeting his community. Showing up and being approachable goes a long way.

“If you get that dedicated audience, then they become your evangelists,” said Day[9]Tv Founder Sean Plott. He gives back to them with giveaways and meet-ups.

Here’s more from the panel via The Secret Path to Success in Online Video