The best Super Bowl second-screen and social TV tools

Super Bowl XLVI promises to be the biggest second-screen TV and social TV event in history, with dozens of companion apps, special websites and add-on features being offered across desktop and mobile platforms.

Some of the more interesting ones include: will stream the game live online, in addition to its on-air broadcast — a first for a rights-holder and a daring but smart move. Their online offering will also include four extra camera angles and let viewers pause and rewind the game online, as well as include integration with Twitter and Facebook streams. will also be streaming the game live, and the site also offers a new real-time stream called NFL Huddle that includes updates from players, media and special guests.

Verizon will be broadcasting the game live to cell phones via its NFL Mobile service.

The popular music app Shazam is going all-out for the Super Bowl in an effort to make its mark in the TV world. Viewers who “tag” ads during the game using Shazam will get bonus content, include video and sweepstakes entries, for nearly half the ads.

ConnecTV is a new second-screen companion app that just launched in time for the Super Bowl. Like many other second screen apps, it will include real-time stats, let you comments throughout the game and let you vote on things like who you think the MVP should be. You can find out more about it and download it here.

GetGlue will be offering special stickers throughout the game and a 2-for-1 coupon for Pepsi as part of a special partnership with the softdrink manufacturer. More details about GetGlue’s special plans here.

YouTube will once again offer its annual AdBlitz site where viewers can replay SuperBowl ads and vote on them right after they air.

 Here is a list of more apps related to the Super Bowl.