The New New-Media Lexicon Decoded

AdAge explains the true meaning of everything from Kindle to Tweets to Huffpo’.

Among the charmers:

Kindle — v. To burn your old business model. Usage: After sticking all their content on the web on sites like Hulu, network TV executives ended up kindling prime time.

Huffpo’ — adj. Impoverished due to the total devaluation of content (derived from the traditional abbreviation of the Huffington Post). Usage: I used to have a thriving writing career, but now I’m huffpo’.

Content — n. 1. A deposed ruler. 2. A king-turned-pauper.

Tweet — v. 1. To quickly bore. Usage: Hand me the remote, this show is already tweeting me. 2. To describe the uninteresting food you have just eaten to uninterested parties; from the Latin, tweetarium (a Greek diner menu).

Unique — n. A split personality — usually three people in one (you at work, you at home, you on your iPhone).