The Rise and Fall of Social Media in American Politics

TechPresident says that unlike 2008, when social media altered the campaign several times, in 2012 social media didn’t play a significant role, despite all the buzz.

The reason we stopped tracking these numbers is also why we never got very exercised by the campaigns’ pages on new platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram or Spotify, and why we took a critical view of the Facebook “townhalls,” Google “hangouts,” Twitter “chats,” and YouTube “ask the candidate” pages that popped up in 2012. Not one of these things had any real effect on the course of the election or caused the campaigns to engage the voters in any but the most superficial ways. Social media just didn’t matter in 2012, except as a new form of passing entertainment. Look! “Horses and bayonets” got the most mentions on Twitter during the third debate! Someone’s “Binders full of women” Tumblr went viral!

via TechPresident.