Top Web Advertising Tips for the Media

Ken Lerer, chairman of The Huffington Post and this year’s Hearst New Media Professional-in-Residence at Columbia’s J-school, discussed web advertising with James Smith, chief revenue officer at HuffPost, and Shane Steele, former VP Digital Media Coca Cola; now VP Marketing, Tremor Media.

Among the takeaways:

  1. Whatever you budget to get from ads you won’t get initially
  2. Advertising trails traffic by a lot, meaning that you will get ad dollars way after you get the traffic.
  3. If you focus on traffic first then you’ll get the ad dollars
  4. There are standardized adv places on sites. If you better know those standards.
  5. Those standards are changing dynamically
  6. Video advertising and consumption is really the future of advertising. The more you know about video and video ads the more successful you will be.