Where to Get Live Election Night Coverage Online

Here’s a nice wrap-up at BusinessWeek.com on what the major sites are planning for election day coverage online…

Don’t trust the talking heads to do your election analysis? Try your hand at crunching the numbers. TV networks and newspapers will be offering frequently updated maps and data for your perusal online.

On Election Day, ABC News will offer livestreams of its own newscast, the scene at both the McCain and Obama campaigns’ headquarters, and a stream of roving reporters in battleground states. It will also offer a live results map, searchable exit polling data, liveblogging and results via SMS. CBS News will be offering county-by-county results updated every minute, liveblogging, as well as a simulcast of its TV coverage, starting at 6:30 p.m. EDT. Around 2 a.m. EDT, Katie Couric will host a live webcast on CBSNews.com and CNET.com to address participants’ questions.

There are also also plenty of tools on the cable networks’ sites. MSNBC in particular has a trove of tech tools, including blogger widgets. We really liked its vote tally interface-plus-live stream for the Super Tuesday primary, which displayed tons of information in one place.

The New York Times will also offer online video updates every half hour from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. EDT with reports from Times political correspondents. These days, the newspaper’s site is a powerhouse of infographics (and we don’t mean static USA Today pie charts), and it will continue to offer up interactive graphs and maps on election night.