Why Google Buzz matters

Lots of chatter online about Google launching its new Buzz product and what it might mean for Facebook and Twitter. Mashable says Buzz needs Facebook integration to succeed. ReadWriteWeb points out that Google already has the user base and a strong integration with Google Maps, and suggests it could be the mainstream’s “geo-social network.”

Google Buzz could quickly become the most popular location-based service on the Internet. Not only does Buzz integrate itself into Gmail, which will give it a large mainstream user base, but Buzz also puts geolocation front and center on its mobile sites. In addition, the new Buzz layer in the Google Maps mobile interface makes it incredibly easy to find geotagged Buzz messages around you….

“By connecting Buzz to Google Maps Place Pages and by having a huge built-in user base, Google will be able to deliver a better location-aware social networking experience than any of its competitors.”