Why the future of video is in the “long tail”

Is the future of online video viewing on major sites like YouTube and Hulu, or in the “long tail” of millions of smaller websites? While there were about 40 billion online video views in the US last month, only about 42% of those were on major sites. And Greycroft’s Ian Sigalow argues “the long tail is even more important than stats suggest.”

First off, while the long tail represents 58% of the video views, it represents nearly 70% of the time spent watching online video.  Facebook and Youtube have large audiences, but the average video on these sites is just over 3 minutes long.  In the long tail, the average view clocks in at 7.6 minutes, the longest duration of any market segment.  Second, the long tail is growing at a much faster rate than the rest of the market.  Viewership in the long tail is up over 33% since September 2011, compared to overall flat market growth according to Comscore.

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