Writing for Radio tips

Transom.org has an excellent 2-part series on “Better Writing Through Radio” by Nancy Updike — also useful for anyone creating podcasts.

Nancy Updike speaks plainly. In her radio interviews, you can tell she’s really curious; she’s asking what you would ask if you had the presence of mind. She writes with the same honesty you hear in her interviews, and with what might pass for simplicity, if it weren’t so tricky to do.

Now, she unveils some of her secrets on Transom. You will find them so concrete that you will print out her tips and keep them by you next time you need to solve a writing problem, which will probably be any minute now.

  • NOUR

    The serious violations against Al Adl Wal Ihsan association continue

    In another new and dangerous violation of human and citizenship rights and human dignity, the Moroccan authorities arrested a citizen, expelled his pregnant wife and his three children from their house at 2:30 a.m.

    The Moroccan security forces stormed into Mr. Hosain Marjane’s house on 17-02-2007 at 10:00 p.m. in the city of Laroui near Nador in the North east of Morocco, where 72 members of Al Adl Wal Ihsan association including Mr. Muhammad Abbadi, a member of the leading council of the association, were holding a spiritual gathering called Annaseeha.
    The security forces led all those present- including the host- to the police station and returned at 2:30 a.m. to break into the house once more throwing out the host’s pregnant wife alongside her three children in an atmosphere of fear and terror, sealing their house and keeping guards at the door.

    The Al Adl Wal Ihsan association denounces strongly this appallingly criminal act, this aggression against the right to privacy, the frightening of secure citizens and states the following:
    Are the Moroccan authorities aware of the serious dimensions of such base actions against peace-loving and innocent citizens?
    What message do the authorities want to communicate to Moroccans, to the Arab, Moslem and the whole world by behaving in such a cruel and rash way against members of a civil, missionary, social, legal, peaceful and anti-violent movement, in a climate of despair, marginalization, disorder and instability which the citizens are undergoing in this country and which is caused by the root of all corruption- the real enemies of this nation?

    The association directs the attention of national and international child organizations and of the women’s movement to this unprecedented barbarity in the form of humiliating children and women, throwing them out of their own houses and terrifying them in the early hours of the morning (2:30 a.m.)!
    We call on the media, local and international human rights organizations to consider the seriousness of these dangerous violations of human rights in Morocco and to denounce them with all courage and humanity.
    We hold scholars, missionary movements and all Moslems as a whole fully responsible for this actual trifling with our tolerant religious values in this country, where houses are closed down for hosting meeting for reading Koran , worship, inculcating the youth with kindness, mercy, equanimity, positiveness; while other houses hosting prostitution and degeneration are opened; where grave offenses are promoted alongside drugs, depravity which lead to juvenile delinquency and other evil consequences!

    God says in the Holy Koran: “And when We decide to destroy a town, We send a definite order (to obey Allah and be righteous) to those among them who lead a life of luxury. Then, they transgress therein, and thus the word (of torment) is justified against it (them). Then We destroy it with complete destruction.” Surat_Al-Isra, verse-16.

    Adl Wal Ihsan North East of Morocco February 18, 2007.